Countdown Updates - 2
by Rahn Heart

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December 9, 1999

In October Iran is believed to have hosted a Terrorist Summit where it's
government has pledged support to the militant Islamic movement. Two groups
believed to now be receiving money, and arms from Iran are; Hamas, a group
which is trying to derail peace talks between Palestine, and Israel, and
Hezboliah, Islamic Jihad, a group which is believed to be a part of Osama
bin Ladens efforts.

As this comes one month after the Nostradamus 1999 prediction which I have
interpreted to say that bin Ladens efforts will receive an added boost after
September, I believe this is further evidence of the fulfillment of this

A result of this summit should be an increase in the Terrorist activities of
Islamic movements against Israel, and the west. It has also caused a
polarization of Arab states in the proximity of Israel, and those on the
perimeter. So far the key players in the Islamic movement are Afghanistan,
Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan and possibly Pakistan. Look for these countries to
further unite in there efforts against the west.

Another part of the Nostradamus prediction is that the fighting will
continue with the victories coming in bin Ladens favor.

Radical changes in the temperature of the Atlantic ocean have been
determined by measurements of temperature sensitive alkenone unsaturation in
sedimentary organic matter, which indicates these fluctuations occurred
approximately 12,000 and 15,500 years ago. It is my contention that this is
further evidence of world age ending events which are talked about by Edgar
Cayce, and are a part of the Egyptian records and the legends of other
cultures. I believe there should be other evidence for anomalies at 5,000
and 8,000 year BP as well. It is likely these variances would be found in
the Pacific ocean.

These dates would correspond to the pole shifts which are described in the
ancient records.

A new theory has emerged about the depletion of the ozone layer. This
theory holds that the additional water vapor put into the atmosphere as a
result of global warming is being forced into the stratosphere, and
combining with the aerosols which are depleting the ozone. Because of upper
air currents this moisture is being moved to the vortex of the polar

Recent measurements of ice thickness of the Arctic cap using a base
established in 1976 show that there has been a depletion of up to 1/3rd of
'76 ice levels. At present there is no real explanation for this.

I would submit that the ozone depletion may have something to do with it.
Obviously, a reduction in the atmospheric insulation will result in addition
solar radiation melting the ice.

As global warming continues we will no doubt see a compounding of this
effect. More water vapor will be put into the air, more ozone will be
depleted, the oceans will become warmer.

The results will be a continued melting of the ice caps as predicted by
Cayce. Interesting also is the date of 1976 which is mentioned by Solomon
for when the changes will begin to become apparent.

Africa has been predicted to be a force in the final military clashes with
Israel. While we in the west seem to pay little attention to what is going
on this is continent I have found it to be rather astounding just how active
the Islamic Militant movement is there.

In 1998 there were 68 bombings in the Capetown area of South Africa alone.
Last month the authorities there arrested three members of a Muslim
fundamentalist vigilante group who have been charged with 124 terrorist
related acts.

One has to wonder how all of this is going to play out in the future. It
would appear that the extremists are active in virtually all of the
countries of the middle to southern Africa.

"Faced with renewed fighting in the Congo, and a human catastrophe in
Angola, the Clinton administration is planning a series of new initiatives
for Africa. The US efforts will initially concentrate on Angola were
decades old civil war has driven hundreds of thousands of people from their

The Congo is considered to be "the largest interstate war in African
history". The US efforts will not include a military presence but will
concentrate on forcing the Organization of African Unity to 'get it's act
together'. I assume that this would mean that it wants the more stable
governments of Africa to begin to police itself.

Here again we have some reference to the Nostradamus 1999 prophecy. There
will be a renewal of the cause of the King of Angolmois. The strife in
Angola is exactly the kind of thing which is being promoted by bin Laden.
There is no mention as of yet of how the Islamic militants are contributing
to what is going on in Angola or the Congo. However it is obvious that they
have a presence throughout the continent.

It could very well be that the efforts of the US will backfire. The African
Unity group could actually come together in a cause against the US. The
fighting in Angola may be what has spread to the neighboring country of the
Congo. This trend could continue throughout Africa. We might remember what
happened in Somalia where our intervention caused the rival groups to unite
against the US military presence there.

We might also look for someone to emerge out of Angola with similar beliefs
to bin Laden. We could very well see the US choose to support someone with
arms who will initially be considered as an ally, but as they achieve power
in conjunction with the Organization of African Unity they may reverse their
position, as bin Laden has done.

The whole situation in Africa is considered to be dangerous and unstable by
US authorities.

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January 13, 2000



A Sign From The Sun?

From May 10 to May 12, 1999, something phenomenal happened with regards to
solar emissions. This reported by Keith Ogilvie of NASA's Goddard space
Flight Center.
Traveling at more than 1 million mph the solar wind normally blasts the
Earth with hot particles that shrink and smear the planet's magnetic field
(the magnetosphere) so that it's shape resembles that of a comet. A bulging
bubble around the planet with a long tail streaming in the opposite
direction from the sun. During the two days in May this 'wind' virtually
stopped. It's density went down by some 30 to 50 times as much as normal.
As a result the earth's magnetic field ballooned out to more than 100 times
it's normal size extending out beyond the moon. As a result of this an
additional effect was to change the location of the Northern Lights from
ringing the Arctic Circle to being located directly over the North Pole.
This caused an unprecedented amount of X rays to be emitted into space.
"There's an exciting solar message in this", says researcher Jack Scudder of
the University of Iowa. "Any astrophysicist would kill to know what
happened at the surface of the sun (to cause this)".

With regards to the prophecies there are several interesting correlation's
about this event. First note that it occurred in May. From the
predictions there is to by a great Miracle, a great light which is to occur
at this time in 2001. There are also predictions about a reversal of the
earth's magnetic field which could occur at this time. With all of Mary's
messages there is a vision of the 'dancing sun'. Could this be our first
world sign that this is going to occur? To have the solar wind stop
virtually defies the laws of physics as they currently apply to the sun. It
was like God put his hand between the sun and this planet for two days
allowing this phenomena to happen.
I believe it is possible that this coming May 2000 we may see yet another
warning in this regards.
A Destruction At The Temple Mount

In December 1999, the Wakf dug a hole 30 meters sqare and 12 meters deep
into the Temple Mount and dumped tons of the excavated material by the
truckload into the Kidron Valley. This was allowed for the Wakf to open a
hole in the Temple Mount in order to create a new exit for the Marwani
The Wakf, incredibly denies all Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, as if
history began in the Moslem era and as if the First and Second Temples had
never stood on the same hilltop. No effort was made during this excavation
to salvage any artifacts from the era of these two Temples.
While the Israel Antiquities Authority protested the excavation obviously
there is nothing that can be done about it now. Many are upset by this

Could this be the start of the destruction on the temple mount as predicted
by Solomon? Or, perhaps it is this kind of thing which will start the
serious consideration of rebuilding the Jewish temple.
Land For The Temple

A senior Arab League official said that official reports from Arab countries
are claiming the Israel is planning to confiscate land near Jerusalem's
holiest mosque to rebuild the Jewish temple.
"Israel began considering confiscating parcels of land around Al-Aqusa
mosque..after recent archaeological reports showed that Solomon's temple has
no foundations under the mosque itself". League Deputy Secretary General
for Palestinian affairs Said Kamal told AFP.

It is not certain whether this is true or not. However, it appears that
things are continuing to develop with regards to the possibility that the
Temple will be rebuilt. As Solomon prophecies say that when this
construction begins it will be a sign that the holy wars will start, it
could be that the time is approaching for this prediction to be fulfilled.
The Mosque and The Pope

Muslims have stepped up pressure to intimidate Christians in the wake of an
Israeli government decision allowing the construction of a mosque adjacent
to the Basilica of the Annunciation.

Acts of violence have increased around the Basilica as this news leaked out.
It was at this time that a leaflet began circulating which threatened the
life of the Pope on his visit there in March, and Christians in Israel.
"We will burn down your homes with our own hands. The whole world will
watch us and the press will write about us. The cross must disappear, and
Islam take its place. The church of the Annunciation must be purified of
the infidels who have sullied it." are a few quotes from this leaflet.

This gives you a feeling for what is building in that area. The energy for
the holy wars will come out of this sentiment.
Tsunami Could Hit LA

A deadly surprise tsunami like the one that slammed Papua New Guinea last
year could occur off the coast of Los Angeles. There is historical evidence
of near shore tsunamis in Santa Barbara and Santa Monica, but it has gone
mostly unnoticed.
"If the 1812 Santa Barbara earthquake happened tomorrow, I guarantee there
would be heavy damage". says Jose Borrero. This would be the result of off
shore landslides caused by an earthquake or erosion.

Here we have another cause for concern when the prediction quakes for Los
Angeles occur.
The Retirement Of Pope John Paul II

There is growing sentiment amongst the Bishops that Pope John Paul II should
consider retiring. At 79, with Parkinson's disease setting in there is much
concern as to whether he can continue to fulfill his duties. It appears
that John Paul II may be approaching the end of his reign. There are two
more Popes to go according to Malchy.

If you want to keep up with what is happening in Israel, I would recommend
that you take a look at this group.  Go here!

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March 9, 2000

The Story Is In The Ice
Upheavals In Antarctica
More Rain
Biological Changes
Ejections of the Sun
Something About May
More On Fatima

The Story Is In The Ice
There are a number of interesting developments happening with recent studies of polar ice. First is
the studies of ice core samples from Greenland. These samples reveal that every 2,000 to 5,000
years there is a dramatic 'spike' in the global atmospheric temperature. This spike occurs in a very
short time frame. This is counter to current theories about long term changes that would cause the
'ice ages'.

While the scientists are still trying to determine what causes these spikes and how they relate to
their current beliefs about why there are ice ages, this new information seems to support what has
been indicated by the prophecies.

The last of the temperature spikes in the Greenland core samples occurred around 3200 BC. I do
not believe it is coincidence that this is also the starting date for the Mayan Calendar. I believe this
was the time of the end of the last world age. This age as all previous ages was ended by an impact event. It was the tremendous heat generated by the impact that produced the temperature spikes and the effects recorded by our ancestors.

If this is true then the ice core spikes tell us the timing of every previous age as well. They also tell
us that major impacts occur at a much higher frequency rate that is currently believed. Instead of
every 200,000 years as is now presented by the astrophysicists, these impacts happen on the average of every 3,000 years. If this is so, then since it has been 5,000 years since the last one of these events we are obviously due for another very soon.

The core samples indicate there have been 4 spikes since 10,000 BC. This would comply with the
four ages noted by the Egyptians, and the Mayans. I believe this complies with the age of the
Egyptian culture as presented by Cayce, and the Greek scholars as well as the geological dating of
the Sphinx.

The temperature shift at 10,000 BC was the most dramatic. The base temperature of the ice changed at this time. This would indicate to me that the physical north pole shifted relative to the earth's core. This could account for the flood of Noah, and the disappearance of glacial ice from North America.

Antarctic core samples show a high CO2 concentration during the temperature spikes. This would be a result of the burning of virtually all bio mass, and the explosion itself during an impact.

Upheavals In Antarctica
New studies of the Antarctic ice flows have resulted in a number of interesting theories. An
increasing speed in the flow of ice streams and the disintegration of shelf ice are being attributed
to a compounding of multiple effects.

One of these is the discovery of a crater about 4 miles wide just west of where the main loss of ice
is occurring. It is believed there is a volcano under this formation which is producing enough heat to melt the ice causing the ice streams around it to move. A similar depression was noticed in Greenland which recently erupted melting a massive amount of ice. It may be that this formation in Antarctica will do the same thing.

In the mean time the movement of the ice streams is also heating the ground under underneath by
friction which accelerates the process. It is also believe that the temperature spikes in the
atmosphere are just now reaching the bottom of the ice flows which will also cause them to melt, and or move.

If this process continues the ice should continue to melt at an ever increasing rate. As the weight is
decreased on the ground underneath, we could see the uplifts predicted by Mr.. Cayce.   If my understanding of his predictions are correct, we should see this occur in 2001 or 2002. This shifting will then be the trigger for greater movements around the world.

More Rain
As if we couldn't see it already, new studies indicate that the there has been a consistent warming and moistening trend of the marine atmosphere for the period 1987 to 1998. This is a result of a
general increase in ocean temperatures over this period. Oddly, enough even though there is this
growing evidence of the surface of the earth heating up, the scientists can still not agree what is
causing it. The one degree increase noted in general average atmospheric temperature, does not
seem to be enough to produce the amount of changes indicated.

Even more mystifying is how the polar ice could be melting when the atmospheric temperatures in
those regions seem to be relatively the same, and in some instances even colder.
It appears to me that the answer to this dilemma may be found in a couple of possibilities. One is
that the ice is being effected by some other radiation sources similar to the effects of micro waves,
which are not directly related to thermal temperatures. I believe the actual energy source may be
coming from the increased solar magnetic flux output which is concentrated at the poles due to the
magnetic field of the earth.

Little is really understood about this form of energy. Especially as it relates to the element of the
life force. This brings us to what is happening from the spiritual stand point between the sun and the earth. Those changes which are predicted to happen in the polar regions which will produce the greater shifts in the crust are presented in the prophecies as needed to prepare us for the final destruction. The fact is that god knows we are not going to do anything until we are forced to do it.

The earth changes are going to get more intense as we near the Chastisement to force us to prepare.

Could it be that there is some higher forces at work here manifesting these changes? Very possible.

Biological Changes
Studies of European lake, and Mediterranean sediment core samples have been found to show
dramatic shifts in plant life in the same time frame as the Greenland ice core temperature spikes.
This is presented as evidence that what ever caused these spikes was global in nature. As more and more of this kind of correlation continues to mount, one has to wonder how long it will take before the connection between an impact scenario and the reason for these anomalies will come about.

Ejections of the Sun
Another recent study has revealed that the total magnetic flux which as been leaving the sun and
striking the earth, has increased by a factor of 2.4 times in the last 100 years. This I believe is
consistent with the Cayce readings which say that the earth changes will be the result of a greater
solar cycle. He also said that it will be the earth's absorption of radiation other than heat which will
cause the changes to take place.

Studies of the earth's magnetic field indicate that there are thermal as well as magnetic vortexes at
the poles. This means that the general movement of the materials inside of the earth is out towards
the equator, up towards the poles, then down towards the core. Not only this but this vortex would apply to the absorption of the electromagnetic magnetic flux from the sun by the earth. I doubt there have been any studies done on what the ramifications of this would be - if any. However, Cayce has been correct so far on everything else, and theoretically I see no reason why this absorption of energy would not apply to generating additional heat in the polar areas as well as in the earth's inner structure. As presented by Cayce it is this inner heat which will rise to the surface causing the upheavals.

Something About May
It has of late, it has become apparent to me that I am receiving a lot of warning signs which are
centered in the month of May. The last news letter I wrote of the solar wind stopping in mid May.
Mary appeared in Fatima on May 13. Rumor has it that the Great Miracle is to take place in May of 2001. I received this same input directly in 1992. The culmination of my vision about the end times took place in mid May.

It is my belief that we are going to continue to receive more signs in the month of May. This is
because this is when the comet is suppose to strike, or as Mary puts it, the Final Chastisement will

As everything which is to happen with regards to the end times and the earth changes is presented as occurring to prepare us for this final event, it would only make sense that the warning signs would be coming in May to indicate the time for this. I would suggest that you keep your eyes open for these signs.

More On Fatima
I have included an attachment I received about the third secret of Fatima. The confusion continues
concerning what was really in the message. As there is nothing in this note which is related to what
Pope John Paul II said in his interview about it, I have to wonder if this message is valid or not.
To calm fears in Italy about recent earthquakes there having something to do with the end times, the Vatican issued a statement claiming there was nothing in the third secret about any kind of mass destruction. It is very likely that the truth will never be revealed about this message because of the fear the Vatican has of creating a panic.

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April 30, 2000

The Crown of Enlightenment
May 5, 2000
May and the Pope
Peter and the Church
Search for Craters
The Lyrids
Crust Shifts
Climate Changes
Fluctuations in the Earth's Magnetic Field

The Crown of Enlightenment

One of the Paul Solomon prophecies talks about the Earth's Crown of Enlightenment being amplified during the time of the Great Miracle which is to come next year. On the following web page you will find an interesting simulation of the Northern Lights around the Earth's Arctic Circle. These displays have been heightened by the recent increase in solar activity. It may be possible that they will become even more intense at the time of the Miracle.

May 5, 2000

Here is another NASA page which I believe aptly describes what is really going to happen on May 5, 2000 - nothing. You will note that in 1962 the grand conjunction of planets, the sun and the moon was even tighter than it will be next week. The results are well noted on this page.

May and the Pope

On the other hand, there may very well be some kind of sign this May of greater events to come. It is worth noting that exactly 20 years after Mary's appearance at Garabandal Spain, Pope John Paul II was shot. (May 14, 1981). He is very aware of Mary's appearance in Fatima on that date, and placed one of the bullets from that attack in the shrine at Fatima. It is interesting that this attempt on his life stimulated him to research the prophecies of Fatima but did not prompt him to make any public statements about what he found.

We might keep an eye out for interesting developments which will probably occur between May 10 and May 15. There may be something to come as it has been exactly 20 years now since the last experience by Pope John Paul II.

Peter and the Church

While it is known that the Vatican cathedral is built over the tomb of the Apostle Peter, it is not well known that his bones were actually discovered, directly under the dome of the cathedral in 1939. I guess that when Jesus said "Upon you I will build my church", he meant this would be a literal expression.

Search for Craters

Recently in Australia an 80 mile wide crater was found which is believed to be the remains of an asteroid impact that occurred between 260 and 350 million years ago. This explosion is thought to have wiped out 96% of all life on the planet. This event was much bigger than the asteroid of 65 million years ago which is believed to have killed off the dinosaurs and killed off 75% of all species.

Believe it or not, there are three other craters which have been identified, that are even bigger than 80 miles in diameter. There are conflicting dates as to the time when any of these impacts occurred.

While the identification of impact sites continues to mount, there are few if any efforts being made to look in the oceans for them. I still submit that these impacts occur much more often than is currently supposed.

The Lyrids

On April 22, this year some people might have seen a meteor shower which was the result of the Earth passing through a stream of debris left behind by the comet Thatcher (the earth passes through over 100 of these debris streams left behind by different comets each year). The Lyrid meteor stream is considered to be one of the oldest recorded observations by man with texts talking about showers of meteors falling like rain from 2600 years ago (probably older).

What is most ominous about this meteor shower, is that one of the girls from Garabandal has leaked a date for the Final Warning, as proclaimed by Mary, as to occur around Good Friday next year. As the Tunguska meteor explosion is believed to have come from remnants of the Beta Torrid meteor debris, which the earth passes through around the 1st of July, it could very well be, that the Final Warning will come out of the Lyrid stream.

Crust Shifts

Researchers have now proposed that sea levels were 6 to 7 meters higher than they are today, before the end of the last ice age 12,500 years ago. They believe that this was the result of the melting of the glacial ice on the Western side of the Antarctic. For some reason, they have not been able to deduce that this was most likely due to a major shifting of the earth's crust at that time, which reoriented the polar ice caps.

This shift moved the North Pole from Hudson Bay to its present position in the Arctic Sea. On the other side of the globe, it would have shifted the South Pole from a position where the Western portion of Antarctica would be around the latitude of the tip of South America, to where it is now. Therefore, this portion of Antarctica would probably have had much less ice than it has today.

While there is much evidence to support several sudden shifts such as this in the past, the mechanism for how this happens, has not been discovered by the scientific community so far. This has resulted in major anomalies in their explanations, and the facts.

I have not determined if this kind of shift is to come as a part of the 'pole shift' Cayce talks about, but it could be.

Climate Changes

More research on the Greenland Ice Core samples have supported a determination that there have been over 100 very sudden "abrupt climate changes", in the last 15,000 to 33,000 years. This would be on average of every 200 years. In my own research of this data, I have noted varying degrees of change. While some of these may be due to solar changes, others must have included the effects of some other source. I would submit that at least some of these were the results of larger impact events, which occur on the average of every 3,000 years.

Fluctuations in the Earth's Magnetic Field

New studies on the intensity of the Earth's Magnetic Field have found that there have been "pronounced intensity minima coinciding with known excursions in field direction". This means, is that when the Earth's magnetic poles reverse, there is a dramatic increase in magnetic intensity. This is what I believe we will see in association with the Great Miracle to come in May of next year.

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June 30, 2000

May 5
May 14
Cayce Early Warnings

May 5

Well as predicted nothing momentous happened on this day. In fact according to NASA even the sun spot activity was
unusually calm on this day. We shall have to see of Mr.. Solomon is correct with this date for next year as the time for the
I have been doing some more research on causes and effects of the Earth's magnetic field. The latest theories hold that
this field is generated at the boundary between the Earth's inner, and outer core. The inner core is solid, and the outer
core is fluid. At the moment they have determined that inner core is rotating slightly faster than the outer core.
This I believe is the result of the effects of previous impacts. What may occur is that this inertia of a larger impact will
cause a speeding up of the Earth's mantel (that material outside of the liquid core) causing a velocity difference between
the mantel and the inner core. In this situation, the magnetic field would be the reverse of what it is now. The drag
caused within the liquid core will eventually cause the mantel to slow down, this slowing of the inertia of the mantel will
eventually cause the mantel to rotate slower than the inner core. This will reverse the field again
When the mantel and the inner core are rotating at the same speed there will be no, or little magnetic field, a situation
that theorists confirm to be what happens between field reversals. Any difference in velocities between the inner core
and the outer mantel will be acted against by the outer liquid core. The net effect is kind of like a yo-yo. The mantel is
constantly being sped up and slowed down relative to the inner core. This in turn causes the magnetic pole reversals. This
transition in relative speeds may be what we are going to see soon.
However, in the case of the Miracle there is going to be something more involved. It is also known that the Earth and
Venus are somehow connected to the magnetic field of the sun. A reversal of the sun's magnetic field is known to be
coming soon, if not this year. The combination of this reversal and a reversal of the Earth's field could be the key to
some very unusual effects.

May 14

The highlight of this day was the news release about Pope John Paul II's pilgrimage to Fatima, and the release of part of
the third secret of Fatima (a sign to look for in regards to future events on this day, especeally in regards to predictions
that this is the date of the comet impact).
The Vatican somehow related what they released of the third secret to the attempt on the Pope's life in 1981. 'The bishop
dressed in white is gunned down as he approaches the golden cross through a crowd of martyrs'.
Personally, I don't see the correlation here. It is my interpretation that this release is about a time during the final war.
The Pope will not be in the Vatican at this time. A crowd of people will be around the Vatican at the time of this war and
will be mowed down. A bishop will also be shot as he attempts to approach a golden cross in the church.
As I mentioned last time, we might keep an eye on what is going to happen to the Pope next year. There have been
assassination attempts on him in 1981, 1991. If this trend continues the next attempt should be next year, 2001. In each
case the attacker has stated that their attempts were manifested by the third secret of Fatima. We might assume from
this that there is something in the third secret about what is to happen in 2001 and beyond (the final days - the war - the
The Vatican stated that they are going to release more about the third secret, but I am not holding my breath.

Cayce Early Warnings

In the next couple of years we should begin to see some of the things Cayce talked about as warning signs come to pass. I
think it would be worth noting a few of these.
Watch the area north of Australia.
This area, to this point, is best known as the source for the El Nino effects. A fitting relationship in view of the name for
the Christ Child and what is to come
Lately there has been an increasing conflict between Christians and Muslims in this area. The beginnings of a greater
Surprise tidal waves due to vertical shifts under the oceans in this area have also occurred along with extreme changes of
weather patterns and earthquakes. These things should increase in intensity.
Conflicts are also arising in Fiji, and New Zealand. The first major crust upheavals are to take place in Antarctica and in
the Southern Pacific. Look for increasing earthquakes, and tidal waves in these areas.
Watch the area near Greenland
Huge cracks in the Northern Polar ice cap have already been noted northwest of Greenland. This huge chunk of ice
should be breaking away soon. This was to be one of the first signs to look for. As this ice floats out to the Atlantic, in
the same way as the giant iceberg from Antarctica recently floated into the Southern Atlantic, shipping lanes will become
Eventually the Northern polar ice cap will retreat beyond the northern coast of Greenland. This will occur later.
Watch Antarctica
As previously mentioned, a volcano has been found on the Western portion of Antarctica, which may be in the process of
erupting. If this eruption continues to evolve a substantial portion of ice will melt and this could result in vertical crust
shifts (upheavals) in this area. This should occur in the next two years.
Watch the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf
Recent surveys of the sea bottom in the Indian Ocean have found that a rise in this area was at one time above sea level.
This is also a 'hot spot' in the same manner as the area north of Indonesia and under Hawaii. Upheavals could very well in
occur in this area as well. This may correlate to the conflicts in central Africa which are on the same latitude as these
Again, as these 'upheavals' grow near, we will sense them. Just as animals are known to sense earthquakes, we too are
sensitive to these changes, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. The likely manifestation of this sensitivity will be
chaotic actions. Fighting is a manifestation of this energy as well. Some people will surrender. Others will try to control
the situation. Others' will want to escape with nowhere to go.


First I would like to reiterate that I believe the 1999 prophecy of Norstradamus has indeed come true. It was the
manifestation of hurricane Floyd in September, that was the 'King of Terror coming alive in the sky'. This storm was the
largest in diameter of any recorded in the last 100 years. Since records only go back this far, it could very well have
been the largest storm of this kind since the time of Nostradamus. Everyday a storm of this size releases the same amount
of energy as 8,000 hydrogen bombs. In three days it would have released the equivalent of all of the nuclear arsenals of
the world.
At the same time this hurricane was developing, there was a terrorist summit in Iran, bombings of apartments in Russia,
new fighting with the Muslim rebels in southern Russia, and Yeslin's threats of using his nuclear missiles (a resuscitation
of the King of the Black Month)
The building of the International Space Station was also predicted by Nostradamus at this time.

Si grand Faimine par unde pestifere
Par pluie longue le long du pole arctique
Samarobrin cen lieux de Phemishere
Vivront sans loi exempt de pollitique

When the great Famine is created by pestilence
Which is brought about by rain caused by the long pole of the Arctic
(on the) Samarobrin, one hundred leagues above the P-hemisphere
they will live exempt of politics.

The long pole of the Arctic is the Earth's magnetic pole. If there is a reversal of this pole, it is predicted by Solomon that
there will be extreme weather changes. Cayce also talks about the Earth absorbing radiation from the sun, which
according to my research could be following the lines of the Earth's magnetic field into the Earth's interior. All of this is
behind the global warming, which will increase storms and rain, which according to Nostradamus will produce pestilence
which will destroy crops and produce famine.
We have already seen signs of this effect in Australia with a sudden tremendous increase in mouse populations as result
of rain - drought conditions. In America, there was a similar experience with flies, which bred in chicken manure used by
a farmer on his land. Soon after he applied it, there was an unusual amount of rain which caused the flies to breed at an
extreme rate.
Apparently as these kinds of outbreaks intensify, there will come a point where NASA will be unable to launch the space
shuttle. At this time there will be people on the Space Station (completion date 2005). Samarobrin rhymes with Space
Station. It is also a derivation of Samarai. The Samarai were warriors who's armament looked similar to people in space
suits. They were also suicidal in their missions.
One hundred leagues as about 250 miles. This is the exact altitude of the International Space Station. The orbit of this
station is not around the equator but takes it over Beijing China then down over Florida. NASA has a web page that shows
you this obit, and where the space station is at any moment in time.
The P-hemisphere is the Pau hemisphere. Pau is the equivalent of the third anti Christ according to other quatrains. He
will begin the final war. His dominion will be that of China, over which the space station will fly.
This is also the area where the comet will strike the Earth (off of the China coast near Beijing). Pau is therefore not only
the name of this king but also the sound of the impact.
The great famine will probably reach it's peak sometime between 2005 and 2007. By 2002 the early warnings of Cayce
should begin to manifest clearly. Ramifications for America could be major tidal waves on both coasts. The unheavals in
Sicily which are predicted as the beginning of the devistation in populated areas should begin in 2003.
Again look for a meteor exposion off of the East Coast of America in April or May of 2001. We might also see the capture
of Osama bin Ladin a little before this time. He will be brought to Paris if so. A city on the east coast may catch fire as a
result of the meteor exposion.

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August 6, 2000

The Dates
The Final Chastisement
The Sequence
In The News

The Dates

In the effort to keep things as clear as possible, it should be pointed out, that at least as it
pertains to the prophets I have referenced for the coming times, very few give exact dates for any
particular event.
In lieu of specific times, they have given us a sequence of events, with a constant reiteration that
the exact time for when many of these things are to occur is up to God, or is a function of the
coming together of a variety of factors which must be in place before a specific event can come to
pass. While this may appear to bring into question the validity of the prophecies, on the other
hand, the effects of the variables involved in forming the future, is no doubt correct.

At the same time however, it must be noted that there is a consensus amongst the prophets as to the
portrayal of the overall sequence of major events which are to happen over the 50 some years
before the final impact. Therefore, we must simply adjust our way of watching for the
manifestation of the predicted events. In other words, instead of demanding to know the specific
times, we need to simply correlate the sequence and look for the signs.

As a predicted event draws closer, an exact time may be presented, as all of the pieces necessary
to manifest it have fallen into place. By that time however, it may be too late to adequately
prepare. Knowing this, most of the prophets have said that they can only state eventualities, and
that we should prepare for them. Can we pierce through the confusion of the many messages from
many different perspectives, and heed the warnings, is the question?

At this point I am aware of only three specific dates for key events which are to come. Here they
are again.

April 24, 2001 or the week thereof - The final warning - a meteor explosion off of the East Coast
of America

May 5, 2001 or the week thereof - The Great Miracle - a surge of spiritual energy which will
allow everyone for a brief period to see the higher realms.

These dates have been derived from the prophecies of Paul Solomon and the Mother Mary. They
are to be confirmed eight days before they are to transpire, by the four girls from Garabandal
Spain, who received a message about these events from the Mother Mary in 1961.

May 15, 2007 or the week thereof - The Final Chastisement - The impact of a comet off of the
coast of China which will end the final war and herald the return of the Savior.

The prediction of this event is included in many of the Mother Mary predictions. Nostradamus,
Solomon, and Cayce also predicted this, in addition to the Earth rolling over when this occurs.
However, of the major published prophets I have found that only Nostradamus has given an exact
date for when this impact will occur. The quatrains that reference this are given in the next

On a personal note, when I last visited with Sai Baba in India, I questioned him about if he was
aware of the predictions about the end times and when they may occur. The response was that in
2005 he was going to leave the body. In 2015 he was going to return.

The Final Chastisement

One of the confusing issues with regards to the Nostradamus quatrains is in the context of how
they are presented. In other words, it may be assumed, that each quatrain is about a specific
event, and the references within each quatrain are distinct from one another. However, I have
found that more than one event can be referenced in each quatrain, and if you align all the
quatrains about the end of this age, they will include similar references. This then is the key
indication that there can be several different quatrains which are all about the same event.

Such is the case for the three quatrains I have included here. In these verses it appears that
Nostradamus was given a view of the climatic event,which is to end this age several different
times. One time he was given a the month, another time he his given the exact day, and in another
he was given the year. This is the way all of his quatrains about age ending events come together.
For instance, in addition to the time of the impact, he also saw the nature of a key personalities
during these times in one quatrain, and in another he would see what this person is to do.

Au revolu du grand nombre septiesme
Apparoistra au temps Jeux d'Hecatombe
Non esloigne du grand cage milliesme
que les entres sortiront de leur tombs

The year revolves to the great number seventh
It will appear in the time of the games of Hecatombe
No one escapes the great cage of thousands
They will enter the smile of their tombs.

The only time there is a seventh year is after the turn of a millennium, or the first seventh year,
which would be the year 7 at the beginning of our calendar. Nostradamus distinguishes this by
using the term seventh instead of just seven. He also uses the term seven to denote the 'seventh
rock' for instance in other quatrains. The 'seventh rock' is what he calls the object that is to
strike the Earth off of the coast of China.(The same place The Mother Mary indicates) The term
seventh in this case not only has the literal reference to a specific year, but also references the
divine aspects of this number from the standpoint of numerology. Mary says the comet impact will
come to be known as the hand of God striking the Earth. This would be the figurative meaning of
the number seven.

A Hecatomb was an ancient ceremony performed in the area of Mediterranean where hundreds if
not thousands of animals were all sacrificed at one time. To this day it is believed that this
ceremony involved the greatest display of the slaughter of animals in recorded history. This is in
essence what the final war will be. A great sacrifice of humanity, animals, and all life.

'It' then is the celestial object that will be approaching the Earth during the final great war and
end this war when it impacts the Earth. ('the seventh rock').

No one escapes the 'cage', which in this case refers to the Earth itself during this destruction.

'They will enter the smile of their tombs'. This refers to the Earth splitting open in may places
swallowing up everything.

As the war is to come just before the impact, and because of his constant reference to the number
seven to this final event, I would conclude that this event will then occur in the seventh year after
the turn of a millennium. Plugging this into the rest of the sequence, as it has been given by other
prophets, it would follow that the year of this event must be 2007.

Sol vignt de Taurus si fort terre trembler
Le grand theatre rempli ruinera,
L'air ciel & terre obscurcir & troubler
Lors l'infidelle Dieu & sainctz voguera.

The Sun is twenty degrees of Taurus, it is fort (strong) land trembling
The great theater is laid to waste and replenished
The sky and the land is obscured and troubled
The infidel, God and the saints are rowing.

Most have deciphered this quatrain to mean that there will be a great earthquake in some year in
the month of May. This would be a standard translation of the first line about a strong trembling
of the land. However, this is not consistent with the way this line is written. This confusion is
seen in most of the Nostradamus quatrains which indicate that Nostradamus either spoke very bad
French, or he actually meant something else than what is commonly believed.

This is the case for 'si fort terra trembler'. In the previous quatrain we saw him reference the
Earth as a 'cage'. Here he appears to reference it as a fort. Fort means strong, but it also means
fort, as in a castle or a stronghold. (you can see the relation between the two meanings). 'The fort
land' would then mean the continental land masses, which from the greater perspective of the
Earth, are essentially mankind's 'fort' against the elements. Therefore, this reference is to the
fact that this is no normal earthquake, but the whole Earth is trembling. This would be the results
of an impact.

In 2007 the sun is in twenty degrees of Taurus on May 13 or 14.

The rest of this quatrain describes a great universal destruction on Earth, which is to occur on this
day. 'The great theater (Earth) is laid to waste and replenished', is similar other descriptions by
Nostradamus, as he describes what happens at the end of each world age.

The last line is a note, that all of this is the result of the interaction of God, deities, and infidels,
or the forces of dark and light, which figuratively describes the interaction which generates the
greater coarse of nature. Also, there are the social ramifications of an age ending event which
will be subscribed to an interdiction of God and/or the other deities against the infidels.

Le tremblement si fort au mois de Mai
Saturne, Caper, Juptier, Mercure au beuf;
Venus aussi Cancer, Mars en Nonnay
Tombera gresse lors plus grosse qu'un euf.

The trembling is strong in the month of May
Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter, Mercury with Taurus
Venus with Cancer, Mars in Virgo
Sandstone is falling down then more larger forms as well

Here again, we see Nostradamus use the same context of a great trembling which is to occur in the
month of May. This would match very well with the previous quatrain, where we are given a day in
May for this same event. While some interpreters have attempted to decipher the alignments of the
planets and constellations listed in this quatrain, and to relate them to another specific date, it has
been generally concluded that there is no situation where all of the celestial bodies mentioned are
in some kind of alignment.

It is my interpretation that He is referencing these bodies in relation to their ancient spiritual
significance, which I won't go into at this point, but also as simply noting that there will be
changes in the orientation of the heavens. The one reference to 'Mercury in Taurus' would occur
when in the Sun is in Taurus, which was also referenced in the previous quatrain. So again this
would occur in May 2007.

The key to my conclusion about the reorientation of the heavens is in the final line, where he says
that there will be a tremendous amount of debris (sandstone of all sizes) falling down upon the
Earth during this event (certainly consistent with an impact). The inference is also that the stars
will fall down in a similar fashion. This would comply with the other prophecies that say the Earth
will roll over as a result of the impact.

There are other quatrains that fit into this scenario as well, but these three are the probably the
clearest references to a year, a month and a day. May 14, 2007 - The time of the impact of what
Nostradamus calls the 'seventh rock', and what Mary calls the Final Chastisement.

Although there are other references to this date which could be implied or inferred, perhaps the
most significant of these for me, is the date of the appearance of the Mother Mary in Fatima on
May 14, 1917, exactly 90 years before the May 14, 2007 date. This also correlates to the Third
Secret which appears to contain information about what is to occur around the time of the Final
Chastisement (2007). This is why I have placed some significance to the release of some
information about the third secret this year on May 14. It is also relevant that the Pope continues
to draw attention to this date.

Cayce stated that the fulfillment of the Biblical prophecies would begin after 1998. (after May,
2001 as per Solomon and Mary). Most biblical scholars say that the bulk of the prophecies about
the end times cover a time span of 7 years. This would mean that they will begin in 1998 or in
2001, and continue to climax in 2005 or 2008. It should be noted that the end of the Biblical
prophecies concludes with the return of Jesus and an army of saints. From what I have been able
to discern, this may not occur at the time of the impact, but a short while thereafter. This time
between the impact and His return could be from 5 months to a year or more. Therefore, if the
seven year period is begin in 2001, the seven years to His return would be in 2008, with this
impact in 2007.

If you will recall, the last newsletter I included the Nostradamus quatrain about the fate of the
people on the International Space Station. This scenario also fits well with the time frame for the
impact to occur shortly after 2005 (when the space station is to be operational). In future
newsletters I will be relaying some other prophecies that fit well into this sequence as well.

The Sequence of Events

Up until now I have been trying to focus on the prophecies as they would relate to the present
times, or the immediate future. Countdown to the Apocalypse Part II is to be about what is to
occur after May 2001. This period would include most of the major earth changes, and the bulk of
the Biblical predictions for this time period. I will be including more detail about these events in
the news letters after this.

In general it is apparent that the Mother Mary is the key messenger of the coming times. Her
appearances have been the most spectacular, and she has certainly made herself very prevalent in
the world since Her appearance in 1917. This is of particular importance in relation to the
sequence of events, as I am sure that what She calls the Final Warning, which is to occur next
year, will proceed any other greater events that will directly effect a major portion of the Earth's
population. It is fitting and worthy of Her status as a spiritual being, that Mary will be associated
with The Warning, and that this event will come before any of the other things prophesied for the
end times.

Everything up to this point will be questionable as to whether it is really a sign, or just another
slight deviation in the coarse of normal changes in the Earth's environment. In future issues I will
be exploring those predictions about what is to come immediately after the warning. From there I
will be presenting the prophecies in the order in which they are most likely to occur

In The News

In case you missed it. In a recent associated press release there was an article about
"Greenland's thaw raises seas, perils global coastlines". Apparently this is more scientific support
of Cayce's predictions about the melting of the Northern Ice Cap. Recent studies in both
Greenland and Alaska have further verified the continued melting of glacial ice in these areas.
The major glaciers are speeding up in their flow to the sea and breaking up faster once they get

Scientists believe that melting is occurring mainly in the area where the ice meets the land
underneath it. As yet they have no explanation for why this is happening. Two possibilities could
be that the ground under the ice is warming, or that solar radiation is causing the melting. The
radiation theory would be per Cayce's indication as the reason for the warming of the Earth's
surface and the melting of ice. As atmospheric temperatures in the area of the glaciers has not
changed significantly global atmospheric warming has been counted out as a cause.

Whatever the cause the result is that the increased amount of water under the ice is creating a
lubrication effect that allows the ice to flow out from the interior regions much faster. This in
effect drains the interior areas of ice faster than it can be replaced. The great concern of coarse
is that sea levels will rise flooding coastal areas. The greater threat however is to the stability of
the Earth's crust as the weight is shifted from land areas to the oceans.

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