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Paul Solomon Reading Video

View Paul Solomon giving a trance reading!

The video files are presented via from my Inner Light Awareness site.

I have upgraded the audio files to MP3 format which can be played in almost any type of audio player.

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Audio Section

John Peniel and
the New Order

March 5, 1988
Posted, 9/2000
Time 17:30

Future of Japan
March 5, 1988,
Posted, 9/2000
Time 5:20
Three Historical Events of Destruction
and the Storage of Records

July, 1977
Posted, 6/2000
Time 20:38

Jesus Speaks to Harry, Tony and Bill (Paul)
Reading given April, 9, 1972
Posted, July, 2007
Time 7:07
This is the 10th recorded reading, given sometime in March, 1972. During this time there were conflicts between Harry, Tony and Bill (Paul). In this reading the Source speaks personally to each person in attendance, then Jesus gives a personal message to all three. This is a gentle, yet firm scolding about judging others. Tony and Harry were listening as Bill (Paul) channels the message. You can hear Tony and Harry crying in the background. Bill (Paul) told me they all cried again when they played the reading again after he came out of trance.

Please note that the beginning of this reading is little distorted due to recording problems during the reading.

Video Section

From Inner Light Awareness on

NEW! Paul Solomon Source Reading Video

This video is of Paul Solomon giving a Source Reading during trance. It is from the personal video collection of David Solomon. It was recorded during a tour with Paul Solomon in Japan in 1991.

Love & Healing by Paul Solomon, Carmel Temple, 7/25/90

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